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  1. proflora excellence

    Proflora Excellence DF

    Proflora Excellence DF provides 15 billion live organisms per capsule guaranteed through the date of expiration. This probiotic supplement features highly viable, pure strains of L acidophilus (NCFM® strain) and B. lactis in convenient capsule form. These friendly bacteria support a healthy intestinal environment and are produced in a freeze-dried form for maximum stability and potency.

    Benefits of ProFlora Excellence include the following:

    • Repopulates healthy bacteria
    • NCFM strain validated by 132 research studies
    • 15 billion organisms per capsule guaranteed
    • Great for follow up after antibiotics
    • Can improve IBS symptoms
    • Can be used after colonoscopy, diarrhea
    • May help with cold sores
    • Boosts immune system
    • 1 capsule of ProFlora Excellence = 22 yogurts
    • NCFM creates lactase to help digestion of lactose
    • New research also shows that probiotic supplementation may decrease cold and flu symptoms

    NOTE: Expiration Date is 4/19-7/19

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  2. proflora excellence

    Proflora Excellence 2.0

    Proflora Excellence 2.0 is a vegetarian, dairy- and gluten-free, four strain probiotic totaling 30 billion CFU per capsules. 

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  3. Proflora Chewables

    Proflora Chewables

    Proflora Chewables 60T

    NOTE: Expiration Date is 6/18

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  4. Megabiotic-SP


    The use of spores as probiotics is beneficial because spores are designed to survive through the gastric system and colonize well to produce the needed effects. The spore population in the gut is low enough that this dosage will significantly impact the sensory systems in the gastrointestinal tract to deliver many benefits. Previously, this kind of product was only available as a pharmaceutical drug.

    Research shows that spores such as these found in Megabiotic-SP, deliver several benefits including:

    -Immune modulation to reduce allergies and asthma

    -Immune stimulation to fight colds, flus, and infections

    -Decrease in urinary tract infections

    -Effective treatment for small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

    -Reduce incidence of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

    -Reduces the inflammation associated with Crohn's disease, IBS, ulcerative colitis.

    -Improved growth of the natural flora

    Megabiotic-SP contains five pharmaceutical grade spore-form probiotics. The patented HU36 strain is the first of its kind, carotenoid-producing probiotic that delivers highly absorbable antioxidants. Ask your doctor why microbial carotenoids are amongst the most important sources of powerful antioxidants*.

    Megabiotic is a Vegan product.

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  5. SB 1.0

    S.B. 1.0

    Benefits of S.B. 1.0 include:

    • Contains one of the most researched probiotics: Saccharomyces boulardii, a non-pathogenic yeast
    • Binds with unhealthy bacteria in GI tract to help excrete it
    • May help combat e coli, salmonella, C. DIF, and candida
    • Can boost immune system by 70%
    • Great for travelers
    • Can be used with a gut protocol and/or when there is an immune challenge
    • Great for use during antibiotic treatments

    NOTE: Expiration Date is 6/18

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